The Songs & Words book featuring archive photos and stories behind Ginger's songs told straight from the horses mouth

I decided to write a book being as many of the accounts of The Wildhearts turbulent career have since turned into the stuff of traumatic myth and titanic legend, this way I can put the story straight using descriptions of the songs themselves and the life and times behind them. 
The story, however, goes much deeper than merely The Wildhearts, and descends into a solo career that marks the darkest times of my life and the truly tragic depths of my tale. 
Ending on a career high as my 555% Pledge campaign shot my stagnant life as a struggling songwriter air bound to unprecedented levels of success, this is a tale of redemption, self discovery and, ultimately, battling the odds and winning on my own terms.
In addition to this, if you Pledge for a physical product, you will receive a 4 track EP of brand new unreleased (and as yet unrecorded!) songs as my way of saying thank you for your continued support. 
This will be available to you at the end of the Pledge campaign.