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Vendo - 2ªmano (bien cuidado) Empty Vendo - 2ªmano (bien cuidado)

Mensaje por corua Vie 3 Mayo 2013 - 16:23

Hola.Pongo lista de material de música que vendo de 2ªmano (bien cuidado).
En Coruña ciudad se puede entregar en mano.
Para el resto se envia certificado (con código de seguimiento).Las tarifas son:
- 4,35€ hasta 500 gramos
- 6,85€ desde 501 grs. hasta 1 kilo
- 7,45€ desde 1001 grs. hasta 2 kilos

Pago: en mano,ingreso en banco o transferencia..

Para pedidos escribir a

cd 59 Times the Pain "More out of today" 4,50€

cd 59 Times the Pain "Twenty percent of my hand" 3,50€

cd A+ "hempstead high" 2,99€

cd Abhinanda "Senseless" 3,00€

cd Abhinanda "s/t " 3,00€

cd Aerosmith "pump" 3,50€

cd Aerosmith "nine lives" (+bonus track) 3,50€

LP Anthem "Hunting Time" 9,99€

LP Anthem "Gypsy Ways" 9,99€

cd Arsenik "quelques gouttes suffisent" 3,00€

cd As Friends Rust "6 songs cd" 2,50€

cd As Friends Rust "Won (digipack)" 2,50€

cd Aswad "live and direct" 3,20€

cd Bad brains " god of love " 3,50€

cd Barry white "staying power" 2,00€

LP Beach boys "20 golden greats" ( 2 LP) 9,99€

LP Big ed "the assassin" (2LP) 10,00€

cd Bird of Ill Omen "When love would´ve show interest in us both" 2,00€

cd Blackstreet "finally" 3,70€

cd Blackstreet "girlfriend/boyfriend" (cd single-3 tracks) 2,50€

cd Black uhuru "liberation :the island anthology" (2cds) 5,95€

cd Bon jovi "new jersey" 3,99€

cd Bon jovi "slippery when wet" (remastered) 3,95€

cd Bon jovi "keep the faith" 3,00€

cd Boyz (the) "boyz in da house" 3,50€

cd Broken Promises "Dying before the first step" 2,00€

cd Cappadonna "the ying and the yang" 3,00€

cd Chojin "el nivel sube,cronicas del chojin volumen 2" 3,00€

cd Cleopatra "comin´ atcha!" 2,70€

cd Common "like water for chocolate" 3,00€

cd Coo coo cal “disturbed” 3,50€

LP Cool breeze "east points greatest hit" (2LP) 10,00€

cd Coolio "singles" 3,50€

cd Course Of Action "Carving our way tearing our faith" 2,00€

cd Cramps (the) "bad music for bad people" 3,50€

cd Criminal nation "trouble in the hood" 2,50€

cd Dead prez "lets get free" 3,00€

cd Dj Kun "latin kilombo " 3,00€

cd Dj Mars "time bomb" 3,00€

cd Drowning "s/t" 2,00€

LP Enigma "MCMXC a.D." 4,99€

cd Epmd “business as usual” (the def jam remasters) (+bonus) 3,50€

cd Europe "the final countdown" 3,99€

LP Europe "the final countdown" 8,99€

cd Faith no more "live at the brixton academy" 3,00€

cd Faith no more "introduce yourself" 3,50€

cd Fiend "street life" (2LP) 13,99€

cd Fonky family "si dieu veut..." 3,00€

cd FrankT “los pajaros no pueden vivir en el agua porque no son...” 3,50€

cd Freeman "l´palais de justice" 3,00€

cd From head to toe "I´m the fuel" 3,00€

cd Full blooded "memorial day" (2LP) 8,99€

cd Ghost dog "the way of samurai the album" 3,00€

cd Goats (the) "no goats,no glory" 2,50€

cd Gomaespuma "gomaespuma 20 años" (2 cds) 2,50€

cd Green court feat. de/vision"shinnig/trancefiguration" 4,00€

cd Green day "dookie" 3,50€

cd Gza/genius “beneath the surface” 3,70€

cd Gunjah “politically correct?” 3,00€

cd H.I.M. "dark light" 3,50€

cd His Hero Is Gone "Monuments to Thieves" 3,00€

cd Horzu "rie ritter der schwalfelrunde" 2,50€

cd Iam "l´ecole du micro d´argent" 3,00€

cd Inner circle "jamika me crazy" 3,95€

cd Intik "s/t " 3,00€

cd Jimmy Cliff "reggae greats" 3,95€

LP Jodeci "diary of a mad band" 7,00€

cd Jr. Ewing "Calling in dead" 2,50€

cd La cabra mecánica "cuando me suenan las tripas" 2,50€

cd La cabra mecánica "cabrón" 2,50€

cd Length of Time "Shame to this weakness modern world" 2,00€

cd Leña al mono "leña al mono" 2,00€

cd Le rat luciano "mode de vie...béton style" 3,00€

cd Liar "Deathrow earth" 2,00€

LP Libido boyz "opgu" 7,99€

cd Linkin park " minutes to midnight" (digipack) 3,99€

cd Looking for an answer & kontraataque-split cd 2,00€

cd Macy gray "on how life is" 2,00€

cd Madonna "like a prayer" 3,00€

LP Magic "skys the limit" ( 2 LPS) 9,99€

cd Manu key "manuscrit" 3,00€

cd Marionettes "rise" 3,00€

LP Master P "ghetto d" (2LP) 10,00€

LP Master P "souljas" (maxi - 6 tracks) 5,99€

LP Master P "goodbye to my homies" (maxi - 3 tracks) 4,99€

LP Master P "the ghettos tryin to kill me!" (2LP) 11,00€

cd Maxi priest "maxi" 3,95€

cd Maxi priest "intentions" 3,95€

LP Mc eiht "section 8" (2LP) 14,95

cd Mellowbag "bipolar opposites" 3,50€

cd Meswy (el) "nadie" 3,00€

cd Michael Jackson "Thriller:25th Ann. (Zombie Cover)"(+dvd) 5,99€

LP Mortal sin "Every Dog Has its Day" 10.99€

cd Mos def "black on both sides" 3,00€

cd Mr. big "bump ahead" 2,99€

LP Mr. marcelo "brick livin" (2LP) 7,50€

LP Mr. servon "da next level" (2LP) 12,50€

cd Msi & Asylum "takez time" 2,50€

cd Mudvayne "the beginning of all things to end" 3,50€

LP n.d. "g-funk guerra" 9.99€

cd Nas "i am..." 3,00€

cd Nasty niggas "banned from the planet " 2,50€

cd Neila "s/t" 1,00€

cd Negate "Between anger and pain" 2,00€

cd Nicole ray "make it hot" 2,50€

LP Nightshade "dead of night" 14,99€

cd Nirvana "nevermind" 3,70€

cd Nude "cities and faces" 3,95€

cd Offspring "smash" 3,50€

cd Offspring "conspiracy of one" 3,50€

cd Opprobrium "discerning forces" 6,50€

cd Orishas "emigrante" 2,00€

cd Outkast "stankonia" 3,00€

cd Outsidaz “night life” 3,00€

cd Oxmo puccino "l´amour est mort" 3,00€

cd Oxmo puccino "opera puccino" 3,00€

cd Pantera "reinventing hell-the best of" 3,00€

cd Paperboy “city to city” 3,00€

LP Patric Rondat "rape of the earth" 8,00€

cd Paul van dyk "we are alive" (cd single 6 tracks) 4,00€

cd Pee gonzalez "whuz the p.?" 3,00€

cd Pestilence "testimony of the ancients" (edición 1991) 9,99€

cd Pit baccardi "pit baccardi" 3,00€

cd Placebo "placebo" 3,95€

cd Posession "Anoxia " (digipack) 2,00€

cd Pras “ghetto superstar” 3,50€

cd Queens of the stone age "songs for the deaf" 3,50€

cd Raised Fist "Stronger than ever" 3,00€

cd Rahzel “make the music 2000” 3,50€

LP Rapscallion "Chameleon drool" 7,00€

LP RDP (Ratos de porao) "ao vivo" ( spain dro - 1992) 19,99€

LP Ray Charles "Me Llaman Blues" 3,00€

cd Red hot chili peppers "by the way" 3,50€

cd Redman “whut? thee album” (the def jam remasters) (bonus) 3,99€

cd Remains of the Day "An Underlying Frequency" 2,50€

cd Reveal "To explore the invention to create" 2,00€

cd Rza "as bobby digital in digital bullet" 3,00€

cd Shadows fall "of one blood" 3,50€

cd Shaquille o´ neal “you can´t stop the reign” 3,00€

cd Shurik´n "ou je vis" 3,00€

cd Shutdown "Against all odds" 2,50€

cd Sisqó "unleash the dragon" 3,50€

cd Sixpence none the richer "collage-a portrait of their best" 3,50€

cd Smash mouth "fush yu mang" 3,50€

LP Snoop Doggy Dogg "tha doggfather" (MAXI 12"- 4 songs) 8,20€

LP Snoop Doggy Dogg feat. 2pac "tha fatha figga" (sg.12"-2 tracks) 8,20€

cd Snoop dogg "vapors" (cd single-4 tracks) 6,50€

cd Something for the people "issues" 3,00€

cd Soulstice "Raze the earth" 2,00€

cd Spirit of Youth "Colors that bleed" 2,00€

cd Spitfire "The dead next door" 2,00€

cd Staind "break the cycle" 3,50€

cd Steel pulse "tribute to the martyrs" 3,50€

cd Stretch Arm Strong "Compassion fills the void" 2,50€

cd Terror Fabulous "yaya" 4,70€

cd Thin lizzy "the hero and the madman" 3,00€

cd Thin lyzzy "whiskey in the jar" 3,00€

cd Three wize men "g.b. boyz" 3,50€

cd Tony toni tone! "who?" 4,00€

cd Tragedy "s/t" 3,00€

cd Triphammer "s/t" 2,00€

cd Turning Point "The few and the proud" 2,00€

cd Vision Of Disorder "s/t" 2,00€

cd V.k.r. "hasta la viktoria" 3,00€

cd Various "Rappers paradise" ( various:coolio,luniz,...) 2,50€

cd Various "it´s nonstop reggae time" vol.3 2,00€

cd Var. " on a nonstop ragga trip" vol. 4 2,00€

cd Var. "this is... HIP HOP" (pack 3cds) 4,80€

cd Var. "1999 grammy rap nominees" 2,50€

cd Watts prophets (the) "the black voices on the streets in watts" 2,50€

cd Weapon of choice "nut meg sez-bozo the town" 2,50€

LP Who (the) "face dances" 7,99€

LP Winger "in the heart of the young" 8.99€

Un saludo.


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Vendo - 2ªmano (bien cuidado) Empty Re: Vendo - 2ªmano (bien cuidado)

Mensaje por corua Dom 1 Dic 2013 - 21:59

Lista actualizada.


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