Great White: Nuevo Disco (2016)

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Great White: Nuevo Disco (2016) Empty Great White: Nuevo Disco (2016)

Mensaje por keith_caputo 18.11.15 23:47

GREAT WHITE guitarist Michael Lardie has confirmed to that the band is planning to enter the studio in early 2016 to begin work on the follow-up to 2012's "Elation". He said: "We're hoping to get into the studio in February or March to at least flesh out some ideas. We're always writing. Part of your gig as a musician is working on new material all the time. It might be something as simple as a riff or it could be a complete song that you just catalog away. Then we all get together to flesh everything out and see if it works within the framework of the GREAT WHITE experience.”

Asked why GREAT WHITE is choosing to make new music at a time when record sales are rapidly diminishing, Lardie said: "Thank goodness we can still create and release new music. I can't see anybody in the band being happy about turning into a greatest hits band. I'm not criticizing anybody that does that, because God love anybody that still has a career in this business. For us, personally, we want to keep moving forward and improving upon our craft rather than just resting on our particular laurels, however big or small they might have been."

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