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400 Discos en venta; Vinilos y Cds. Empty 400 Discos en venta; Vinilos y Cds.

Mensaje por newhrecords Sáb Feb 28 2015, 19:34

Hola, tengo todos estos discos NUEVOS y PRECINTADOS para liquidar.

Cualquier duda o pregunta, escribir un privado.
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(nombre del grupo/titulo del disco/sello/formato/precio).

Morticia's Lovers Smash The Radio Demolition Derby LP 7.00
Chronics It's Too Late Demolition Derby LP 5.00
Chronics Suggested For Mature Audiencies Demolition Derby LP 7.00
Hot Rod Honeys Kille Me Now! Demolition Derby LP 6.00
Hot Rod Honeys Horny And Hungry Demolition Derby LP 6.00
Al Green Al Green Is Love Get Back LP 10.00
Slumberjack Nitro Ground Shacker Screaming Apple LP 10.00
McRackins!! Comickbooks And Bubblegum Screaming Apple LP 9.00
Zeno Tornado & Boney Google Bro. Dirty Dope Infected Blues… Voodoo Rhythm LP 10.00
Husbands Introducing The Sounds Of… Swami LP 9.00
Hipbone Slime & Knee-Tremblers Snake Pit Voodoo Rhythm LP 10.00
Machito Mucho Mucho Ws Latino LP 10.00
Monguito Santamaría Blackout Fania LP 10.00
Catholic Boys Psychic Voodoo Mind Control Dropckick LP col 20.00
Dead Brothers Dead Music For Dead People Voodoo Rhythm LP 10.00
Turpentine Brothers We Don't Care About… Alive! LP col 9.00
Cro(w)s Dirty Bunny Sounds Of Sub. LP 8.00
Loved Ones Keep Ypur Heart Fat Wreck Chords LP 8.00
Hormonauts Hormone Hop Voodoo Rhythm LP 9.00
Blood Sucking Freaks Bottlesick Sounds Of Sub. LP 7.00
Dead Brothers Flammend Herz Voodoo Rhythm LP 10.00
Mongo Santamaría Mongo's Way Atlantic LP 10.00
Mongo Santamaría Feelin' Alright Atlantic LP 10.00
New York Dolls Red Patent Leather (180gr) Earmark LP 12.00
New York Dolls Live in Paris 1974 (180gr) Earmark LP 12.00
El Guapo Stuntteam Year Of The Panther Sounds Of Sub. LP 7.00
Krunchies, The In De Winkel Criminal IQ LP 7.00
Sacred Sailors We Gave It All To You Lonestar LP 7.00
Vorwärts A Trip To Memory Lane ZCM LP 6.00
Neurotic Swingers Art Rats Demolition Derby LP 7.00
Local Boys What The Clock Man Screaming Apple LP 6.00
Harla Horror A Nightmare Of Horror!! Horror Records LP 10.00
Hollywoods, The S/t. Savage LP col 9.00
Not Moving Land Of Nothing Area Pirata LP 9.00
Thurston Howlers Lodge Party Screaming Apple LP 10.00
Smash Up Derby Sounds Of Self-Defense Screaming Apple LP 10.00
Smugglers Mutiny In Stereo Screaming Apple LP 8.00
Dee Rangers Five Spanish Minutes Screaming Apple LP 8.00
Mongo Santamaría Mucho Mongo Vampisoul 2LP 16.00
Monguito Santamaría Hey Sister Vampisoul LP 12.00
Mongo Santamaría Mongo'70 Atlantic LP 10.00
Betty Davis This Is It! Vampisoul 2LP 15.00
Johnny Adams Heart & Soul Vampisoul LP 12.00
New York Dolls From Paris With Love (L.U.V.) SFTRI 2LP 15.00
Fireballs, The The Fireballs SUNDAZED LP col 12.00
Joe Bataan Call My Name Vampisoul LP 12.00
Maranata Maranata Vampisoul LP 10.00
Knights Of The New Crusade My God Is Alive! Sorry About Yours! Screaming Apple LP 10.00
Panic Buttons Alabamalama Ken Rock LP 5.00
Fuse! The fisherman's wife In The Red LP 9.00
Samesugas Machine in your brain H-Records 10" 5.00
Real McCoyson, The Let it drill H-Records LP 5.00
4 Teen Killers Kill your Tv! H-Records LP 5.00
Biscuit Rocks my little world H-Records LP 5.00
Rippers, The Invertebrät H-Records LP 5.00
Soul Gestapo The Second Coming Of… H-Records LP 6.00
Electronicos Tradicion En Transicion Electro Harmonix 10" 8.00
The Happiness Project Tracked Love From The Electric Odio Sonoro 10" 5.00
Slide & The Question Marks Earworms Incognito Pic 10" 5.00
Stimpy Dirty Love Affair Incognito Pic 10" 5.00
Boogie Punkers The Brooklyn Sessions El Beasto LP 8.00
Saffron Utopians In Exile Ken Rock 10" 5.00
Omega Cinco / Nebur Split Holy Cobra 10" 5.00
Devil In Miss Jones Headbanger Sounds Of Sub. 10" col 6.00
Downliners Sect Burning Snow Penniman 10" 10.00
Dirty Sanchez Dirty Wolf Ojalámemuera 10" 5.00
Hospitals, The S/t. In The Red LP 9.00
Wimps Rollin' On With The Wimps Incognito LP 6.00
De Rita Sisters & Junior United States If The World Incognito Pic 10" 5.00
Guantanamo Baywatch Chest Crawl Dirtnap LP 12.00
Black Sunday Tronic Blanc Dirtnap LP 11.00
Mandhandlers, The S/t Criminal IQ LP 8.00
Tandoori Knights Curry Up Norton LP 12.00
Hells, The Love Sick Love El Beasto PICTURE 8.00
Desert Icons / Hombre Malo Split Odio Sonoro LP 6.00
Cementerio / Mentat Mentat "Split" Odio Sonoro LP 6.00
Cementerio Cementerio Odio Sonoro LP 6.00
Cordura El Incendio Más Grande Del Mundo Ojalámemuera LP 10.00
Familea Miranda Dramones Ojalámemuera LP 10.00
Cordura Metrópolis Ojalámemuera LP 10.00
Skarmento S/t Punk Machine LP 9.00
Appraise Deeper Than That CKUD / Refuse LP 10.00
Rickshaw I'm Ready Bad Attitude SG 7" 2.25
Dennis Most & Instigators Wire My Jaw Ep Bad Attitude SG 7" 2.25
69-Hard Gone Gone Gone Bad Attitude SG 7" 2.25
Last Vegas / Bible Of The Devil Split Scarey SG 7" 4.00
Long Dong Silver / Filthy Jim Split Scarey SG 7" 2.25
Badnads, The Japanese Bloodbath EP Scarey SG 7" 2.25
Mongo Santamaria Funk Up Funk Down Vampisoul SG 7" 5.00
Fokkewolf Porno Rocker (No Time For Love) Incognito SG 7" 2.25
New York Whores NY Whores + 2 Incognito SG 7" 2.25
Simons, The Go Mad With The Simons Incognito SG 7" 2.25
Wimps Seventeen Incognito SG 7" 2.25
Spent Idols I Don't Give A Fuck Incognito SG 7" 2.25
Negro Jazz Funeral Wounded Knee + 3 Green Fuse SG 7" 3.00
Grey Spikes Thunderation + 3 Demonition Derby SG 7" col 2.50
Cowslingers Ole One Eye Demonition Derby SG 7" 2.50
Gorgons Crab Cake Demonition Derby SG 7" 2.50
Perverts For Perverts Only Demonition Derby SG 7" 2.50
Hypnomen The Urge Demonition Derby SG 7" 2.50
Al Perry Losin' Hand Demonition Derby SG 7" 2.00
Lighting Beatman / The In-Sekt Split Demonition Derby SG 7" 4.00
Larry & The Left Handed Al Alright Demonition Derby SG 7" 2.00
Los Cincos Sci-Fi Ep Demonition Derby SG 7" 2.50
Chinese Millionaires White Collar Criminals Ep Demonition Derby SG 7" 2.25
Hot Rod Honeys The Thrills, The Booze… Demonition Derby SG 7" 2.25
Bunny Brains You Got It (Comin') Pit's Bull SG 7" 2.00
Dixie Buzzards Ain't Going Back + 3 Big Black Hole SG 7" 3.50
Stack O'Lees Change My Plan + 3 Big Black Hole SG 7" 3.50
Die Rötzz Gluttony For Punishment + 3 Big Black Hole SG 7" 3.50
Uninvited, The I Turned Into A Snake Ep For Monsters SG 7" 4.00
Insensible Eggs, The Scream For Monsters SG 7" 4.00
Dirtbombs / Adult Split Cass SG 7" 5.50
Cyril Lords, The No More Good Times Cass SG 7" 4.00
Surfin' Lungs Holy Guacamole! No Tomorrow SG 7" 3.00
Rotten Fruits, The Abomination Ep Criminal IQ SG 7" 2.50
I-Attack American Dream Ep Criminal IQ SG 7" 2.50
Insomniacs Switched On / Bout My Love Slovenly SG 7" 3.50
Low Point Drains Bottle'O'Whskey Ep Kuriosa SG 7" 3.00
Green Hornet Back Lash Ep Kuriosa SG 7" 3.00
Fruitcake Anna Marina Pit's Bull SG 7" 2.00
Wangs Surfin' Nha Trang Human Bretzel SG 7" 4.00
John Woo Who? Shake Your Ass SG 7" col 2.25
Brainbombs The Grinder Ken Rock SG 7" 2.50
Singing Dogs Right Now Ep Ken Rock SG 7" 2.00
Tokyo Knives Smell My Ass Ken Rock SG 7" 2.50
Reverend Savage & His Holy Rolers You Got To Believe Savage SG 7" 4.50
Hugo Race & True Spirit Ready To Go Bang! SG 7" 5.00
Garage 13 Tonight Bad Attitude SG 7" col 3.00
Flaming Sideburns En Español Vol.3 El Beasto SG 7" 5.00
Jukebox Racket Long Bad Day El Beasto SG 7" 5.00
Gayser Gas Odour Bad Oxygen SG 7" 4.00
Nederbietels On My Mind Screaming Apple SG 7" 3.50
Rachel Gordon / Bad Apples Split Sounds of Subter. SG 7" 3.50
F.U.'S / Söm-Hi Noïse Split Black Sheep SG 7" 4.50
Roman Castevet 6 Songs Odio Sonoro SG 7" 2.50
Decurs Siete Pulgares Ojalamemuera SG 7" 4.00
Drama Sin Perdón Ojalamemuera SG 7" 4.00
Lazy Lane Sea Witch Butterfly Records SG 7" 2.50
Helmut Stein Experience On Return Butterfly Records SG 7" 5.00
Other Guys Sitch Blade Butterfly Records SG 7" 5.00
Slow Slushy Boys The Duck Butterfly Records SG 7" 5.00
Dirty Robbers I Told You So Butterfly Records SG 7" 5.00
Florence Joelle's Kiss Of Fire When I GetLow I Get High Butterfly Records SG 7" 5.00
Flying Ladies Aburridos Como Tarde De Domingo Tuca Raca SG 7" 5.00
Plan B Deja Ya De Llorar Rock & Wolf SG 7" 4.00
Hormones Bats Duel Hormones SG 7" 4.00
Felchers Getting All I Need Pitshark SG 7" 4.00
Rock And Roll Machine Pump Gas Pitshark SG 7" 4.00
Del Prince Lucky Strike Rufus Recordings SG 7" 6.99
Los Infraseres Ungaga Unga Unga Sunny Day Records SG 7" 5.00
Los Imposibles Snake Eyes Sunny Day Records SG 7" 6.00
Sudores De Muerte Luz De Gas Bazofia Records SG 7" 3.00
Zorras Adolesctentes / Tenistas Split Bazofia Records SG 7" 3.00
Los Infierno Tu Tonto No Soy Pitshark SG 7" 6.00
Gundown Pride! Fierro! Records SG 7" 6.00
Acapulco Gold Diggers F.I.R.E. Grit Records SG 7" 5.00
Smoggers A Day With You Grit Records SG 7" 5.00
Los Mutagénicos Siempre Dicen Sí Grit Records SG 7" 5.00
Mule Train / Concentration S.C. Split No Tomorrow SG 7" 6.00
Meows / Nervous Eaters Split No Tomorrow SG 7" 6.00
Wasted We'll Never Be So… Cruzade SG 7" 5.00
Nunnery A Guide To Survive Cruzade SG 7" 5.00
Capaces / Kings Of Rockin' Rocka Split Punk Machine SG 7" 5.00
Leave It To Me / Nas Tuas Mans Split Punk Machine SG 7" 5.00
Trassels Holy Heat! Bad Attitude SG 7" col 3.00
Screamin' Furys Comin' Round Screaming Apple SG 7" 3.50
Dirters / Trassels Split AGC SG 7" col 3.00
Chewbacca All Stars S/t Banana Juice SG 7" 5.00
Pink Flowers So Long WSTS SG 7" 5.00
Ultra 5 Ultra Psycho Vinylization! Tryptic SG 7" 5.00
Sixty Second Swingers Let Me Down Fuzz Overdose SG 7" 5.00
Mach Five Overdrive Quikee Mart Penniman SG 7" 3.00
V.V.A.A. "Jailbait" (Basement Brats + 3) Demolition Derby SG 7" 2.00
Road Runners Goodbye / Be Mine Screaming Apple SG 7" 3.00
Supercamorristas Hell To The City Ep H-Records SG 7" 2.75
Hollywood Sinners / Holy Sheep Split H-Records SG 7" 4.00
Charades The Only One EP (vinilo rosa) H-Records SG 7" 2.50
Charades The Only One EP (vinilo azul) H-Records SG 7" 2.50
Charades The Only One EP (pack) H-Records SG 7" 4.50
Ultracuerpos Rock'n'Roll Radio H-Records SG 7" 2.95
Girlfriends, Thee An Invitation To Hate Music H-Records SG 7" 2.95
Egos, The One For Me H-Records SG 7" 4.00
Lascivos Lascivos H-Records SG 7" 3.50
Riverboat Gamblers Can't Stop The Whoa H-Records SG 7" 4.00
Membranas, Las Haciendo El Subnormal H-Records SG 7" 4.00
Rippers, The No Mört H-Records CD 1.50
Hi-Fi-Killers Smoking Cult H-Records CD 2.50
Safety Pins / Nuevo Catecismo Católico 100% Superfight H-Records CD 5.00
Smoking Bird Sunset In A New Town H-Records CD 3.00
Real McCoyson Let It Drill H-Records CD 3.00
Los Chicos Shakin' & Payin' H-Records CD 3.00
Cancerberos Osrnr H-Records CD 2.50
Felchers God Sound Is… H-Records CD 3.00
Soul Gestapo The Rise Of… H-Records CD 3.00
Safety Pins Better Never Than Late H-Records CD 3.00
Beggar's House S/T H-Records CD 1.50
Chronics Suggested For Mature Audiencies H-Records CD 3.00
Suckin'n Dicks, Thee Think Twice H-Records CD 2.50
Coyote Men From Parts Unkown H-Records CD 3.50
Soul Gestapo The Second Coming Of… H-Records CD 3.00
Samesugas Ala Vai! H-Records CD 3.00
Freewheeler / Brainwashed By Amalia (Split) Sleazy CD 3.00
Detroit Cobras Mink, Rat Or Rabbit SFTRI CD 7.50
Black Time Blackout In The Red CD 6.95
NoFx Never Trust A Hippy Fat Wreck Chords CD 6.00
Clem Snide End Of Love Fargo 2CD 9.00
Forgotten Boys Gimme more (and more) No Fun CD 5.00
Butchers' Orchestra, Thee Drag Me Twice No Fun CD 5.00
Chuck Berry Rock'n'Roll Music (Live recordings) Dynamic CD 2.50
Soga 74 Hazlo Gp CD 5.00
Stuck Ups Human Doll Express SFTRI CD 6.00
Maggots Do The Maggot Low Impact CD 7.50
New York Dolls Live From Royal Albert Hall 2004 Sanctuary CD 9.00
Discipulos De Dionisos Con Pelos En La Lengua No Tomorrow CD 6.00
Suzy & Los Quattro Ready To Go! No Tomorrow CD 6.00
Suzy & Los Quattro The Singles No Tomorrow CD 5.00
Prototipes We Are Back No Tomorrow CD 5.00
V.V.A.A. Bowery Electric - Tributo Joey Ramone No Tomorrow CD 6.99
Hookers Black Visions Of Crimson Wisdom Scooch Pooch CD 5.00
Psychotic Youth Stereoids Wolverine CD 5.00
Federation X Rally Day Estrus CD 7.50
Maggots Monkey Time! Screaming Apple CD 6.00
Manikins Agalmatophilia Screaming Apple CD 5.00
Jack Saints (batería New Bomb Turks) Rock'n'Roll Saved Our Lives… Scarey CD 6.00
Deviltones Riding The High Horse Scarey CD 5.00
V.V.A.A. The Foreign Object Compilation Scarey CD 5.00
Killer Klown Evilution Scarey CD 3.00
Nerds, The A Black Star Burning Trails To Nowhere Scarey CD 3.00
Nerds, The Just Because She Didn't Wanna Fuck Scarey CD 3.00
Bible Of The Devil Brutality, Majesty, Eternity Scarey CD 5.00
Torg The Dumbening Scarey CD 3.00
Winnerys And… The Winnerys Rock Indiana CD 5.00
Nominees Dowsing For The Water Rock Indiana CD 5.00
Bombones A Kiss Supreme Rock Indiana CD 5.00
Montana Bubblegum Love Rock Indiana CD 5.00
Rumor! S/T Rock Indiana CD 5.00
Santi Campos Amigos Imaginarios Rock Indiana CD 5.00
Rumiko Jr. Broken Down, Whiskey Sound Rock Indiana CD 5.00
Guru Deva After All Rock Indiana CD 5.00
Grand Prix Lejos Rock Indiana CD 5.00
4 Teen Killers Last Summer Rock Palace CD 3.95
M.O.T.O. Single File Criminal IQ CD 9.00
Pedestrians Future Shock Criminal IQ CD 5.00
Krunchies, The In De Winkel Criminal IQ CD 5.00
Functional Blackouts S/T Criminal IQ CD 5.00
M.O.T.O. Raw Power Criminal IQ CD 9.00
Vee Dee Furthur Criminal IQ CD 5.00
Slurs, The The Problem With R'n'Roll Record CD 5.00
C*Unts, The Eat My Nuts Disturbing CD 3.00
Paper Bullets S/T Ear Flaw CD 5.00
Harla Horror A Nightmare Of Horror!! Horror Records CD 5.00
Hunches Hobo Sunrise In The Red CD 6.00
Butchers' Orchestra, Thee Stop Talking About Music Voodoo Rhythm CD 8.00
Dead Brothers Flammend Herz Voodoo Rhythm CD 8.00
Manikins Lie, Cheat & Steal Planet Trash CD 6.00
High Sierras S/t. City Lights CD 5.00
4 Past Midnight Trials And Tribulations Area Pirata CD 5.00
Catholic Boys Psychic Voodoo Mind Control Trick Knee CD 7.95
Wimps Rollin' On With The Wimps Incognito CD 3.00
Wombels Divine Madness Incognito CD 3.00
Barse 77 Negative Reactions Savage Amusement CD 3.00
Servotron I Sing! The Body Cybernetic One Louder CD 3.00
Media Whores Master Of Pop Hits Screaming Apple CD 6.50
Motosierra / Culpables Hot Music For Hot Chicks (Split) Rastrillo Records CD 6.00
Garage 13 Ride Of The Rides Bad Attitude! CD 3.00
Devendra Banhart Oh Me Oh My… Young God CD 5.00
Devendra Banhart The Black Babies Young God CD 5.00
Riverboat Gamblers Riverboat Gamblers Beadville CD 8.50
Riverboat Gamblers Backsides Beadville CD 8.50
Little Charlie & The Nightcats Nine Lives Alligator CD 8.00
V.V.A.A. Revival 2 - Yep Roc Records Sampler Yep Rock CD 5.00
Asteroid B-612 Reading Between The Lines No Tomorrow CD 8.00
Smugglers Mutiny In Stereo Lookout CD 6.00
Sexareenos, Les 28 Party Dancers From Montreal's Finest SFTRI CD 7.00
Tokyo Electron S/t. Empty CD 7.00
Dirtbombs / King Khan & Shrines Billiards At Nine Thirty (Split) Sounds Of Subt. CD 7.50
John McBain The In-Flight Feature Duna CD 8.00
Carnation, The New Sensation Sounds Of Subt. CD 3.00
Embrooks, The 45 & High Times Munster 2CD 7.00
Embrooks, The Yellow Glass Perspections Munster CD 6.00
Frantics, The The Complete Frantics on Dolton Collector's Choice CD 6.00
Johnny Cash Get Rhythm & Life goes on Dynamic 2CD 4.50
King Khan & Shrines Mr. Supernatural Hazelwood CD 8.00
Paniks Panik Kontroversy Biakbat CD 5.00
Soundtrack of our lives Origin Vol. 1 Warner CD 6.00
Tom Waits Real Gone Epitaph CD 9.00
V.V.A.A. Leitwerk der modernen idiomatik Sounds Of Subt. CD 5.00
Grey Spikes Year Zero 1+2 Records CD 5.00
Fangoria Una temporada en Subterfuge Subterfuge CD 7.99
Fangoria Naturaleza muerta Subterfuge CD 15.99
Surfin Bichos La luz en tus entrañas Subterfuge CD 8.99
V.V.A.A. Arriba Lucinda Lucinda CD 6.00
V.V.A.A. Bravo Lucinda Lucinda CD 6.00
Dr. Explosion Lows in the mid 90's Subterfuge CD 6.00
Anni B Sweet Start, restart, undo Subterfuge CD 8.00
V.V.A.A. Las canciones de la Bola de Cristal Subterfuge CD 8.00
V.V.A.A. Nosotros somos los electroduendes Subterfuge CD 8.00
Pantones Ruido rosa Subterfuge CD 6.00
Anni B Sweet Oh monsters Subterfuge CD 8.00
Rachel Gordon The Coming Of Spring Sounds Of Subt. CD 5.00
Adam West / No Counts Split Sleazy CD 5.00
Digger & The Pussycats Young, Tight & Alright Spooky CD 6.00
MaderaCore El Camino Del Asombro Ojalamemuera CD 5.00
Go Popitas No Lo Intentes Por Que Pierdes Ojalamemuera CD 5.00
Go Popitas Juegas? Ojalamemuera CD 5.00
Waiting Room La Estulticia del Cognlcidlo Ojalamemuera CD 5.00
Evilhorse Cabeza de Vaca Odio Sonoro CD 5.00
Sonnöv Hay Una Luz Odio Sonoro CD 5.00
Loan Kobazuloan Saiakerak Odio Sonoro CD 5.00
Meido Munduku Kamioirik Handiena Odio Sonoro CD 5.00
Marasme Mirroir Odio Sonoro CD 5.00
Positiva Prodigal Songs Odio Sonoro CD 5.00
Sofy Major Permission To Engage Odio Sonoro CD 5.00
Aathma The Call of Shiva Odio Sonoro CD 5.00
Salvaje Montoya Boda Rumana Bcore CD 8.00
Cosmic Psychos I Love My Tractor Pitshark CD 10.99
Sewergrooves No Hidden Tracks Pitshark CD 7.99
Curse Suck It In Split It Out Pitshark CD 10.99
Cosmic Psychos Dung Australia Pitshark CD 10.00
Soulshake Express The Soulshake Express Pitshark CD 8.99
Manganzoides El Entierro De Los Manganzoides Rastrillo Records CD 8.00
Fuzzfaces Voodoo Hits Rastrillo Records CD 8.00
Los Colmillos Los Colmillos Rastrillo Records CD 8.00
Las Kellies Las Kellies Rastrillo Records CD 8.00
Samesugas / Marcelo Pocavida Split Rastrillo Records CD 8.00
Mal Recetado Mal Recetado Rastrillo Records CD 8.00
Tandooris Tandooris Rastrillo Records CD 8.00
Quadrophenicos Los Quadrophenicos Psycho Records CD 3.00
Llunatiks Ultra Rock Llunatiks Recs CD 10.00
Zorras Adolescentes Asignaturas Pendientes Bazofia Records CD 5.00
Marshall Plan Kids The Marshall Plan Kids Green Cookie CD 6.00
Mutants Deathrace 3000 Green Cookie CD 6.00
Star & Key Of The Indian Ocean Rock'n'Roll Fiasco Green Cookie CD 6.00
Surfacers The Surfacers Green Cookie CD 6.00
Ultra 5 Denizers Of Dementia Green Cookie CD 6.00
Insect Surfers Satellite Beach Green Cookie CD 6.00
Fantomatici Giustizia Sommaria Green Cookie CD 6.00
Moe Greene Specials The Moe Green Specials Green Cookie CD 6.00
Bob Urh & The Bare Bones Hoodoo Garage Green Cookie CD 6.00
Firewalkers Nervous Breakdown!!! Green Cookie CD 6.00
Speedball Jr. For The Broad Minded Green Cookie CD 6.00
Pedrito Diablo & Los Cadáveras El Cuerno Del Chivo Green Cookie CD 6.00
Speedball Jr. Treble In Paradise Green Cookie CD 6.00
Dirty Fuse Dirty Fuse Green Cookie CD 6.00
Moe Greene Specials Rivers & Coastlines Green Cookie CD 6.00
Sweet Apple Pie Between The Lines Rock Indiana CD 5.00
V.V.A.A. 100x100 Punk Rock Segundo Asalto Picnic CD 5.00
Violets Violets Picnic CD 5.00
Furious People Greatest Hits Furious Family CD 5.00
Furious People Straight to Hell Tureion Records CD 5.00
Furious People Rock The Road Furious Family CD 5.00
Furious People Time For Reaction Furious Family CD 5.00
V.V.A.A. 100x100 Punk Rock Tercer Asalto Picnic CD 5.00
Patada Voladora Famoso Cantante Norteamericano Picnic CD 5.00
Mi Perro Vincent Mi Perro Vincent Picnic CD 5.00
Landia Grandes Exitos Vol.1 Picnic CD 5.00
Vice & Vanity S/t Betty's Punk CD 5.00
V.V.A.A. Serie Z 2002. Wild Punk CD 6.00
V.V.A.A. Serie Z 2003 Wild Punk CD 6.00
Robín De Los Estercoleros Lanzarse A Las Heridas Autoeditado CD 3.00
Ultimo Resorte Que Dificil Es Ser Punk Outline CD 10.00
IV Reich Discografía Completa Outline CD 10.00
Seeds Of Hate El Camino Recto Cruzade/Fragment CD 5.00
Born To Hate Romper La Baraja Cruzade/Fragment CD 5.00
Mereutess Siempre Fuertes Cruzade CD 5.00
Mereutess Mundo Enfermo Cruzade/Fragment CD 5.00
Nueva Dirección S/t Cruzade CD 5.00
Falsos Positivos Nuestra Hora Cruzade/Fragment CD 5.00
B12 Terrassa Mala Rassa Cruzade CD 5.00
Eight Ounces The Contender Cruzade CD 5.00
Inside Me Tools Of Fear Cruzade CD 5.00
Crack Del 29 Cul De Sac Cruzade CD 5.00
Camino A La Perdición La Llama Se Enciende Cruzade/Fragment CD 5.00
Old Enemies S/t Cruzade CD 5.00
Telepath Boys S/t Punkmachine CD 5.00
Telepath Boys Uri Geller Punkmachine CD 5.00
Golpe De Estado Mi Prisión Punkmachine CD 5.00
Trigger Travis The Zoo Punkmachine CD 5.00
Krang God Save The Doctor Zaius Punkmachine CD 5.00
Hip Priests Black Denim Blitz Self-Destructo CD 10.00
Bo Diddley 30 Years Of Rock'n'Roll All Star Jam ILC Music DVD 6.00
Dwight Yoakam Live From Austin City Limits New West DVD 12.00
Johnny Cash Live From Austin City Limits New West DVD 12.00
Lucinda Williams Live From Austin City Limits New West DVD 12.00
Steve Earle Live From Austin City Limits New West DVD 12.00
Blues Traveler Live (Live in Denver 2003) Sanctuary DVD 15.00
Byrds, The Never To Be Forgotten Valgenti DVD 6.00
Steve Marriot (Small Faces) Astoria Memorial Concert Sound Discs DVD 12.00
Bellrays Live @Barfly + Interview Punkervision DVD 10.00
Guitar Wolf Red Idol Narnack DVD 15.00
Deke Dickerson Deke's Guitar Geek Festival 2004 Major Label DVD 18.00
Deke Dickerson Deke's Guitar Geek Festival 2005 Major Label DVD 18.00

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