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The Byrds - Página 2 Empty Re: The Byrds

Mensaje por asdasdash Mar Nov 18 2008, 21:06

The Byrds by Tom Petty

The Byrds are immortal because they flew so high. For me, they're still way, way up there. They left a huge mark. First off, the Byrds were the first credible American answer to the British Invasion. All of folk rock -- for lack of a better term -- descends directly from the music the Byrds made. They were certainly the first to introduce any sort of country element into rock music. As if all that wasn't enough, the Byrds spurred on a good degree of Bob Dylan's popularity, too. And not to be too shallow, but they also were just the best-dressed band around. They had those great clothes and hairdos. That counted for something even then.

I'll never forget hearing "Mr. Tambourine Man" for the first time on the radio -- the feeling of that Rickenbacker twelve-string guitar and those incredible harmonies. Roger McGuinn told me he took that guitar sound from A Hard Day's Night, but McGuinn was a banjo player, and he played the Rickenbacker in this rolling, fingerpicking style -- no one had really tried it before. George Harrison admitted that "If I Needed Someone" was his take on the Byrds' "The Bells of Rhymney." The Byrds were the only American group that the Beatles were friendly with and had a dialogue with. Those original Byrds really changed the world in that short time they were together.

In some ways, they were an unlikely group to become rock & roll stars. Chris Hillman was from the bluegrass world. McGuinn had been in folk groups like the Limelighters and the Chad Mitchell Trio, as well as playing with Bobby Darin. David Crosby came out of the coffeehouse scene, too. Gene Clark played with the New Christy Minstrels. McGuinn once told me that the Byrds had to get together and really learn how to play rock & roll as a group. That was their first quest. Imagine a bunch of recovering folkies trying to learn how to make people dance.

The Byrds represented Los Angeles as much as the Beach Boys, except that the Byrds were the other side of the coin -- they were L.A.'s whacked-out beatnik rock group. They're part of what drew me to Los Angeles and made me want to be in a band. I got to see the Byrds once at the West Palm Beach pop festival on the same bill with the Rolling Stones. In the beginning, that was the original blueprint for the Heartbreakers -- we wanted to be a mix of the Byrds and the Stones. We figured, "What could be cooler than that?"

[From Issue 946 — April 15, 2004]


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The Byrds - Página 2 Empty Re: The Byrds

Mensaje por SAL PARADISE Jue Nov 20 2008, 19:14

PLdG escribió:
clint eastwood escribió:asi es Pedro

Pues estos son los papás.


Así es, y no sólo de estos.

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The Byrds - Página 2 Empty Re: The Byrds

Mensaje por Pendejo Jue Nov 20 2008, 19:27

Buen topic para ponerse al día con esta banda!!!

Ahora estoy con el debut. Estoy esperando el segundo con curiosidad...

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The Byrds - Página 2 Empty Re: The Byrds

Mensaje por Pigs on the Wing 1 Vie Nov 21 2008, 07:11

Pendejo escribió:Buen topic para ponerse al día con esta banda!!!

Ahora estoy con el debut. Estoy esperando el segundo con curiosidad...

Pues aquí está.

The Byrds - 1965 - Turn! Turn! Turn! (Remastered)

The Byrds - Página 2 The+Byrds+-+1965+-+Turn%21+Turn%21+Turn%21+%28Remastered%29

• Roger McGuinn, vocals, guitars
• Gene Clark, vocals, tambourine, harmonica
• David Crosby, vocals, guitars
• Chris Hillman, vocals, bass
• Michael Clarke, drums

1. "Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)" (Ecclesiastes/Seeger) – 3:49
2. "It Won't Be Wrong" (McGuinn/Gerst) – 1:58
3. "Set You Free This Time" (Clark) – 2:49
4. "Lay Down Your Weary Tune" (Bob Dylan) – 3:30
5. "He Was a Friend of Mine" (trad. arr. McGuinn) – 2:30
6. "The World Turns All Around Her" (Clark) – 2:13
7. "Satisfied Mind" (Red Hayes/Jack Rhodes) – 2:26
8. "If You're Gone" (Clark) – 2:45
9. "The Times They Are a-Changin'" (Dylan) – 2:18
10. "Wait and See" (McGuinn/Crosby) – 2:19
11. "Oh! Susannah" (Stephen Foster) – 3:03

1996 CD reissue Bonus Tracks

12. "The Day Walk (Never Before)" (Clark) – 3:00
13. "She Don’t Care About Time" [Single Version] (Clark) – 2:29
14. "The Times They Are A-Changin’" [First Version] (Dylan) – 1:54
15. "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" [Version 1] (Dylan) – 3:03
16. "She Don’t Care About Time" [Version 1] (Clark) – 2:35
17. "The World Turns All Around Her" [Alternate Mix] (Clark) – 2:12
18. "Stranger in a Strange Land" [Instrumental] (Crosby) – 3:

1.- Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)

(La Biblia: Eclesiastés 3: el momento oportuno)

Hay un momento para todo y un tiempo para cada cosa bajo el sol: un tiempo para nacer y un tiempo para morir, un tiempo para plantar y un tiempo para arrancar lo plantado; un tiempo para matar y un tiempo para curar, un tiempo para demoler y un tiempo para edificar; un tiempo para llorar y un tiempo para reír, un tiempo para lamentarse y un tiempo para bailar; un tiempo para arrojar piedras y un tiempo para recogerlas, un tiempo para abrazarse y un tiempo para separarse; un tiempo para buscar y un tiempo para perder, un tiempo para guardar y un tiempo para tirar; un tiempo para rasgar y un tiempo para coser, un tiempo para callar y un tiempo para hablar; un tiempo para amar y un tiempo para odiar, un tiempo de guerra y un tiempo de paz.

De estas palabras del Antiguo Testamento y dentro de los llamados Libros sapienciales, Pete Seeger crea esta canción: Turn! Turn! Turn! con cuya versión se abre el segundo disco de Byrds.

Tras dar la banda muchas vueltas con la búsqueda del single perfecto, se decide que sea este el tema y que de nombre al álbum. De hecho quienes adjudicaron para la producción en Columbia –Dickson y Melcher- no las tenían todas consigo y probaron de nuevo una cover de dylan –it´s all over now baby blue-, entre otras cosas porque dickson no lo tenía muy claro por lo beato de la canción.

Pero Melcher (hijo de Doris Day por cierto) se lleva el gato al agua y se selecciona como primer single del disco y tercero de la banda. 74 tomas se hicieron de esta canción, ahí es nada, hasta dar con lo que querían.

Número uno en USA en las navidades del 65 fue el resultado.

El video evidentemente, no es de 1965, pero esta guapo.