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Mensaje por Angel77 el Sáb 22 Nov 2014 - 17:21

busco el solo por dinero de Asfalto en CD y lo cambio por lo que querais de esta lista:

Bad Company-Company of strangers-3€
Bad Company-Stories told and untold-3€
Honeymoon Suite-Monsters under the bed-4€
Winger-In the heart of the young-4€
Dream Theater-Breaking the fourth wall Bluray-11€
Bad Company-Classic albums collection 5CD-10€
Megadeth-Youthanasia+Hidden treasures-6€
Danger danger-1º-3€
Queen-Days of our lives DVD-4€
Dream Theater-Greates hit...3€
Tesla-Comin´atcha live DVD-3€
Davd Gilmour-Remember that night 2DVD-5€
Alice Cooper-Good to see you again DVD-3€
Kinrick-Sense your darkness-3 €
Damageplan-New found power-2€
Takin down-Time to burn-3€
Deep Purple-The Platinum collection 3CD-6€
Brett Walker-Nevertheless-3€
Toto-Turn Back-3€
The who-Endless wire-2€
The Who-Tommy Live with guests DVD-3€
Ray Wilson-Genesis Vs Stiltskin 2cd+dvd-6€
The Who-Tommy (pelicula)DVD-3€
The Who-Tommy and Quadrophenia Live 3DVD-6
Peter Gabriel-Scratch my back-3€
Toto-Greatest hits...and more 3CD box-6€
Bryan adams-11-3€
Emerson, LAke and Palmer-The best 2CD-3€
Yngwie Malmsteen-I can´t wait (mini japones)-5€
Union-1º+The blue Room-6€
Asia-Quadra caja con 4CD en directo-9€
Lunatic Soul-6€
Lunatic Soul-II-6€
Lunatic Soul-Impressions-6
Genesis -The way we walk live 2DVD-5€
Yngwie Malmsteen-The seventh sign-4€
Porcupine Tree-Octane twisted 2CD live-5€
Dokken-Under lock and key 3 €
Bryan Adams-The best of me 2CD 4 €
Richie Sambora-Stranger in this town-4€
Kansas-Works in progress cd+dvd-6€
Geysser-El hombre sin talento-3€
Thunder-Scenes from the behind-DVD 2€
Anderson Wakeman Brufford Howe-S/T-3€
Anderson Wakeman Bruffird Howe-An evening of yes music 2CD-3€
Asia-Fantasia Live in Tokio DVD region1-3€
Motley Crue-Carnival of sins 2DVD region 1-3€
King Crimson-USA (remaster 30 aniv.)-3€
21 guns-Salute-3€
Aerosmith-Greatest hits-3€
Aerosmith -Pump-3€
Aerosmith-Just push play-3€
Aerosmith-A little south of sanity-3€
Glass tiger-Diamond sun-2€
Foreigner-DEfinitive collection-3€
Roger WAters-In the flesh live 2CD-4€
Pearl Jam-Live in Santiago Chile DVD-3€
Chicago-SoundstageLive DVD-2€
Motorhead-Everything louder DVD-3€
John WArren-Take me back 25€
Peter Gabriel-Secret world live Dvd-2€
Machine Head-The more things change-4€
Steve PErry-For the love of strange medicine-3€
Alice in Chains-s/t caja limitada purpura-3€
Eric Martin-I love the way you love me-EP japones-4€
Gun-The collection-2€
Peter Cetera-You´re the inspiration-2€
Phil Collins-Face Value-2€
Phil Collins-No jacket required-2€
Hammer of the Gods-Tributo a Led Zeppelin de Mike Portnoy, Paul Gilbert etc.. DVD 3€
Marillion-This strange engine-2€


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