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Mensaje por durango95 17.09.13 2:45

Vendo el siguiente material. Interesados mandar email a diego3410(arroba)

Lp's (a 6 euros salvo marcados)

The Damned - Strawberries 5 euros
Hawkwind - Masters of the Universe 5 euros
Testament - The Legacy 7 euros
Aclys - Liedergeburt
Hiatus - The Brain
Chain of Strenght - The one thing that still holds true
Life`s Halt/What happens next - Start something
Rambo - Wall of death the system
Uniform Choice - Screaming for a Change
Vitamin X - Down the Brain
The Cosmic Vampires - Historias de terror en la noche en que los muertos se levantan
Sonido Chiswick - Vol 3
Big Boss Man - Full English Beat Breakfast
Bad Taste - Nunca Olvides la lucha
Black Panda - Tanque de 98 octanos
Voorhees - 13
Born/Dead - Our Darkest fear now haunt us
Fear is the path to the darkside - Only the dead have seen the end of the war
Jeninger - St

Cd's (a 5 euros)

Uncurbed - Ackord för frihet/Chords for freedom
Doom - Total Doom
Submerge - Album
Face down in shit - Passing times
Side By Side - You're only young once
Bold - The Search
Varukers - Bloodsuckers
Wolfpack - Allday hell
Proudz - Solo los mas fuertes
Overnoise - Lethalways to hellskitchen doors
From ashes rise - Nightmares
Assuck- Anticapital
El Kaso urkijo - La españa negra de los crímenes rurales


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