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Mensaje por kent b. Miér 11 Nov 2009 - 14:56

On Sunday, November 22nd, My Morning Jacket will appear On FOX’s hit TV show “American Dad.” The episode, titled “My Morning Straightjacket,” will feature the band guest-voicing as themselves, as well as 6 MMJ songs spanning their 10-year catalog. Comedian Zach Galifianakis will also be featured as a super-fan.

To commemorate the show, ATO Records will be releasing a digital EP of songs and selected dialogue clips from the episode. With 6 tracks from the digital EP that have been previously released throughout the band’s ten year career, we intend this to serve as a nice introduction to many who have not heard My Morning Jacket’s music before.

Tune in on Sunday November 22nd to see My Morning Jacket animated as you’ve never seen them before.
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kent b.
kent b.

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Mensaje por Rockenberg Miér 11 Nov 2009 - 15:01


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